Bouncing back

I first went to Base Jump Trampoline Park in Rayleigh not long after it opened last year with some friends for a standard jump session – we couldn’t believe how exhausted we were after an hour of bouncing around but it was so much fun!

Not long after that we decided to try out one of the fitness classes run by Fitness Essex – they run Monday to Thursday and cater for all fitness levels, so you can take part at your own pace. We decided to start with ‘Bounce Ex’ which is designed to be a fun party style work out suitable for beginners – including music and disco lights! It’s a great alternative to the gym or going for a run; apart from being more sociable and being motivated by others around you, studies show that just one hour of jumping on a trampoline burns over 1,000 calories. Other benefits include improved balance, flexibility and posture, and stronger joints and muscles. Bouncing also releases endorphins to make you feel happy 🙂


After enjoying a few Bounce Ex sessions, I decided to test myself and try out the HIIT Bounce class. HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, which comprises really intense periods of exercise (such as running on the spot, tuck jumps, squats, or push ups) followed by periods of ‘active recovery’. This style of training is designed to push you outside of your comfort zone to burn maximum calories, build muscle definition and increase fitness levels, and the combinations of exercises are different every week so it never gets boring. The class is so tough and pushes me to the absolute limit. Although my legs always feel like jelly afterwards and I struggle to move the next day, I always feel good afterwards, and I’ve noticed a definite improvement in my fitness levels and endurance over time. As one of the instructors says, ‘your mind gives up long before your body does’ so you just have to keep going and somehow you find a way to push yourself a bit further, which I just couldn’t do if I was in the gym on my own! For example I’ve managed a record plank time of 1 min 50 seconds in the HIIT class whereas in the gym I struggle to do 40 seconds!

I’ve also tried out the Box Bounce class which is a really fun (and exhausting) combination of trampolining and boxing, and a great way to de-stress! The instructors show you how to position yourself correctly and use different combinations of punches to develop your technique, mixed in with a range of other exercises for a whole body workout including bouncing, squats, push ups and planking.


All of the Fitness Essex instructors are really friendly – even though you might feel like you hate them at the end of the class when you’re really sweaty, achy and exhausted with legs like jelly!

One of my fellow This Girl Can Essex Ambassadors recently arranged a free ‘This Girl Can’ Bounce Ex taster class which was a really fun evening providing an opportunity for ambassadors to get together and try something new. Everyone had a great time as you can see:


I would really recommend trying out one of the classes for a unique workout – click here to find out more information and book. Classes are normally £8 each but if you buy a block of 8 sessions it works out only £6 each and you can mix and match any of the classes.

I normally go to the HIIT Bounce class on Monday evening or sometimes the Box Bounce on Tuesday evening, so if anyone would like to join me please let me know or say hi! I’d love to know what you what you think so please comment below 🙂

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